Why use an Interim Executive?

Interim Managers are often used in time of change and brought in to execute the desired change and leave when this is fulfilled. This could be after an acquisition where two companies shall merge, where an outsider may be the best choice for certain tasks. A major reorganization may be another example. Crisis and a turnaround projects is a third example. Transformation of the business with new business idea and a new organization with different skill sets. Outsourcing of functions is yet another example. Sometimes the Interim manager is needed to replace someone that has left suddenly, and there is a lack of internal resources to take over.

An Interim Executive is experienced, should have been involved in a similar process before and has the capability to work fast, act and execute without detailed guidance. An Interim Manager has no internal loyalties to individuals in the organization, no pre-set ideas or previous decisions to defend. 

The process to find an Interim Manager
There is often, but not always, time-pressure in identifying an Interim Manager. As always, getting the starting point right is the most crucial part of the process. When you know what you need and why, and what the expected outcome is to be, the rest is hard work, but not complicated.

  • Starting point is a specification of what the Interim manager shall deliver during the assignment. This is the basis of the competence profile, including skill needs and experience.
  • We find available & suitable candidates through our vast network and large database.
  • We shortlist candidates that match the competence profile. Each candidate is described with relevant information related to the agreed competence profile. The candidates are tested and initial reference taking has been conducted when you receive the candidate profile. 
  • You meet and interview the candidates, we select together the best candidate and finalize tests, references and background checks. An Interim contract is set up, we support you through the contractual process.
  • During the assignment, we keep regular contact with you and the Interim executive, we evaluate performance against targets and agreed deliverables.