Growing people and companies in Life Science

Diversed group of consultants outdoors

We are on a mission to grow people and companies in Life Science with our portfolio of Talent Services. Our passion is to grow people and our ambition to become an excellent employer that attracts the best. We are fuelled by meaningful targets and want to contribute to a better world.

Commercial Consultant Manager PharmaRelations


It took us some time and several Company Days and Work Camps to define the core of our culture and our values, having done that we work hard to live what we believe in every day in everything we do. We know our values are a main reason for our success.


We love facts and act fast on them. Innovation and growth can´t wait. If we make mistakes, we correct them, fast.


Our energy and happiness come from believing in our mission to grow people and companies in Life Science. We work hard to become the Best employer in the industry in the Nordics. We have an important purpose in our working life that fulfills us.


We work in teams, we add competence and different perspectives, we help each other, we grow each other. We party together and celebrate our successes. We develop our company together.


We love to challenge ourselves and do things that seem difficult in the start. We love to challenge our clients so that we can help them better to meet their targets. We love innovation and doing things in a better way than before.


We grow ourselves as individuals, we grow people in our Clients´ companies, we grow our company and other companies in Life Science. We think about growth, transformation and improvement all the time. We see potential and opportunities.

Hand in Hand


we want to contribute to a better world and our responsibility for the uplift of the village Kharda Randheer in India, is part of our company culture.

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