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PharmaRelations is the leading recruiter company for Life Science in the Nordics with a strong team of more than 10 specialized recruiters across the Nordic countries. We have 5 offices in the Nordics, so we are both Nordic and local.

Many of us have a background from Life Science covering both pharmaceuticals and medical device, others have a long experience from recruitment consulting with focus on the Life Science Industry. We only recruit for Life Science, we focus entirely our area of specialism.

Together, we have centuries of experience and an enormous network of contacts that is growing by the year. We meet and interview more than 1800 individuals every year together with our colleagues from other PharmaRelations divisions. 

Our website has more than 125 000 visits every year, many of whom are visiting us for career development. Over 21 000 followers on LinkedIn. We work together daily across the Nordic countries and also in tandem with our colleagues from other business areas and have access to some 300  in-house specialists from all functions within Life Science. Every year we finalize more than 100 recruitment assignments.

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There is no “one-size fits all” approach to recruitment. Based on our discussion with you, we then tailor a model suited to your specific needs. The starting point is to define the profile and the competencies that are vital. We guide you with regard to new trends and advise you regarding the availability of certain skills.

The guiding principle for all our recruitments remains the same no matter the position with consistent, regular communication, and updates both to our candidates and clients throughout the process. 

Behind the scene, we proactively contact and interview more than 1000 persons every year across Nordics, continuously building our network of qualified candidates,  facilitating a smoother search process, and saving time for our customers when they have an eventual need.  

To determine the suitability of the candidate we use competency-based interviews as well as an assessment of personal characteristics by utilizing well-proven test-tools. Apart from the above, we can assess verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning skills.

For each process and position, we offer a tailor-made solution based on your unique needs. We follow up all assignments with an NPS scoring, it is important for us to assess your opinion about our execution of the assignment.

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Team Fit Test

What makes a high-performing team?

During the spring, together with psychologists and some of our customers, our recruitment team investigated this question.   Along the way, we also explored what impact recruiting the wrong person can have when trying to build this “high-performing team”.   What we could see is that the teams where a hiring manager has made a SWOT of their team (including skills & personality) before kicking off recruitment normally led to selecting a person who was a better complement to the team and as a result, improved team performance overall.

Therefore, when you use PharmaRelations as a Recruitment Partner, a full mapping of your existing team and how they complement each other will be included as a part of our process. By choosing to incorporate this “team fit test” you will have hard facts to refer to in your selection of the best candidate.

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