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Interim assignments are a form of assignments where you lead the daily work of the consultant, in close cooperation with  PharmaRelations consultant manager and the consultant, you form a “trio” that set the targets for the assignment and follows up the progress together on a regular basis. The consultant is employed by PharmaRelations, in some cases, the consultant is a self-employed specialist contracted by us. Quite often other resources are teamed up around the consultant to ensure a successful outcome of the different aspects of the project.



Most of PharmaRelations consultants are experts with long backgrounds in Life Science in various positions with experience from different companies prior to being employed by PharmaRelations. It is one of the PharmaRelations brand promises to our clients to have the best consultants in the industry.  Not only do they have the demanded expertise, they have also been selected as independent and flexible individuals ready to solve challenges. 

They live the PharmaRelations´values and have executed interim assignments before. We are able to employ the very best because we provide a Great Place to Work and interesting and varying career opportunities by being a learning company. PharmaRelations consultants are highly attractive on the market and we plan their next assignments months ahead together with them.

We may sometimes provide consultants with less seniority and fewer years of experience as consultants when the characteristics of the assignment are agreed as so with the client.



Every assignment starts with the setting of clear targets for what is to be achieved during the project, sometimes with added targets linked to change management or culture improvement or new system installations. By being able to add other resources to the project, PharmaRelations can provide a higher level of value-added.

Every assignment ends with an evaluation meeting and the filling out of an NPS questionnaire. PharmaRelations has grown on returning business, and quality follow-ups are vital to us. We want to create value for our clients in every assignment and make sure that we have repeat customers.



We work across the Nordics from 7 offices and one of the advantages of using us as your business partner is that we can provide the same interim services in all Nordic countries under a  coordinator.

  • Do you want to set up a pan-Nordic sales team? No problem, we have done that many times.
  • Do you want to conduct clinical trials across the Nordics, we can support you!
  • Do you want to strengthen certain functions in several countries in the Nordics – a piece of cake!

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