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We help you create more and better omnichannel customer engagements.

We want to partner with your organization to lead the commercial transformation and accelerate the digital capabilities of our industry. Our consultants have solid backgrounds in digital tools within the pharma industry.

The solution may be long-term or short-term, full/time or part-time, single or multiple consultant approach, or senior or junior competence. We can offer solutions that cover one or all Nordic countries. We prefer to create long-term value and work in partnership, but also take on smaller projects, solve peak capacity problems and help you with limited projects.

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  • Omnichannel audit
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand plans
  • Social media
  • CRM 
  • Website and UX design
  • GDPR
  • Platform assessment
  • Webinar and event coordination
  • App development
  • Apsis and Salesforce marketing cloud (SFMC)

Omnichannel services

For us, a good strategy starts by establishing where you want to be and becomes omnichannel when different touchpoints contribute to the creation of value. Our service model consists of 5 pillars:


We aim to support our clients to achieve organizational goals by developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive omnichannel strategy.​
Services: Omnichannel audit, Scenario planning, Brand plan workshop, Innovation lab​


Let's go deeper into understanding the holistic patient pathway and identify the characteristics of the key personas involved.​
Services: User stories workshop, Persona workshop, Social media listening tools, Social media specialist​


Embrace value creation by taking advantage of crowd wisdom.​
Services: Agile marketing team, Project managers, SCRUM master , Content creation workshop​


We want to become a strategic partner in building a patient-centered omnichannel organization.​
Services: Skill mapping, Omnichannel consultant, Content creation, Omnichannel specialist, Omnichannel training, Digital rep/MSL​


Expanding the use of data-based platforms and media, and generating information to support decision making.​
Services: Dashboard creation, Data analyst, CRM Optimization​

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We have created a self-assessment test to help you understand where we can support you.

Passion- PharmaRelations values

Be part of the ongoing conversation​

We believe there has been a shift of paradigm. Patients have a two-way-communication with their HCPs which creates expectations. We can help you to navigate around this and build meaningful and strong content and strategies within digital and social media.   

All of us either have healthcare background or have been employed by a Pharma or MedTech company at some point. Our consultants have been in your shoes. We understand the challenges and restrictions you are facing.

Whether you need a complete social media strategy, 1-hour consulting, fixed hours per week etc. we will not only tailor the best solution for your needs, but also be your consulting partner before, throughout and after the process.  

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