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PharmaRelations did it again in 2020

05 November 2020
Consultants at coffee break

To be certified as Great Place To Work® is a fantastic achievement for any company and a milestone that PharmaRelations Sweden reached last year for the first time and for the second time this year. We can now also proudly announce that PharmaRelations Denmark has been certified for the first time. We hope PharmaRelations Norway and PharmaRelations Finland will soon follow.

- To be certified as a Great Place To Work® in Sweden for the first time last year was a milestone for us and proved that we are really doing something right as an employer. To receive a certification a second time this year with an even better result shows that we really are taking the responsibility for our employees and continuously trying to improve. We have increased our Trust Index from 86 to 91% out of 100%, which, I think, is a fantastic achievement. I am very, very proud and grateful for the team we have at PharmaRelations and the work they have put in, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO.

Denmark certified first time 2020

- What makes me even prouder is that PharmaRelations Denmark has accomplished the same great journey. For the first time, in 2020, they have been certified as a Great Place To Work, with a fantastic Trust Index of 91% out of 100%.

- When we started PharmaRelations in Denmark in 2015 this was of course nothing we thought of, so having achieved this, shows what a great company PharmaRelations Denmark is and what a fantastic future they have ahead, because being a great place to work attracts the best employees.

- The certification is based on Great Place To Work® Institutes international standard and what symbolizes a good working environment. It is a proof that the employee experiences a high level of trust, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie, something that we have proven, says Fredrik Anjou.

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