PharmaRelations extending scope with Medical Device

02 June 2021
Clinical trials in Nordics


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Extending PharmaRelations scope with Medical Device

 Anders Wihlborg has recently joined PharmaRelations Regulatory Service division with the target to build a strong Medical Device practice. This is the fourth sector within Regulatory Services. The others are Pharmacovigilance, Quality and Regulatory.

 - I am very happy to welcome Anders Wihlborg to PharmaRelations. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Medical Device universe and he is the first step in building up a strong team within this space in Sweden. Anders has worked with PlantVision and Intertek for many years. He will work closely together with Lene Vittrup Foged, our Medical Device specialist in Denmark, says Helena Björkman, head of Pharmarelations Regulatory Services business area.

PharmaRelations´consultants as change agents in your organization

 - PharmaRelations´ experienced consultants bring in the specialist competence that you need but often have much more impact in a team than just that, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.

 - We often add more value than just the skills and competence, we bring in fresh eyes, different ways of doing things, a new team member that may change the energy level of the team and add new angles to issues. We can do so much more than just adding the skills, we can assist in revitalizing your organization. We see our role as a consulting company to energize and grow people creating more efficient organizations, says Fredrik Anjou.

PharmaRelations moving into larger office premises in Frösundavik, Stockholm

 - It is less than 3 years since we moved into our Frösundavik Offices ( SAS office building), but over these years we have grown so much that we needed considerably more space and beginning of May we moved into new larger office premises on the same floor as before, says Yvonne Hedlund CFO and HR officer of PharmaRelations.

 - The office building in Frösundavik has an environmental license according to the BREEAM licensing system which is important to us and we are happy to be able to stay in the building having the wonderful Hagaparken and Brunnsviken outside the windows. During the summer team members regularly swim in Brunnsviken. Our office location and the premises ad work life quality and well being, says Yvonne.

 - During the pandemic most of our colleagues have worked from home, at least partially, but we had to plan for a new normality after Corona and be able to meet the demand from our clients. I hope that we shall be able to invite our clients to an office warming party in August or September and that we will have many physical meetings with clients here in the years to come, says Yvonne.
Looking forward to meeting our clients in person again!

 PharmaRelations is a company working closely together with our clients, adding value and solving problems in near contact and with flexibility, focusing on the tasks and issues that make a difference.

 - The Corona pandemic has given us a digital boost, and we are happy that we have developed so much during this period, learnings that are now incorporated in how we do business, but the pandemic has also made it visible how important it is to be able to meet customers in person and have good discussions “outside the box”, says Fredrik Anjou.

 - Business for us is all about people, clients and consultants and how to engage in order to improve the business of our clients. It has been difficult for us not being able to have physical meetings, but we plan to be able to see each other more often after the summer. People do business with people, says Fredrik.

PharmaRelations AB, Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-169 70 Solna, +46 (0)8 590 745 80

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