PharmaRelations Sweden is a Great Place To Work

Our organization is now certified according to the Great Place to Works® international standard for the second year. We are now well on our way to become the most exciting and best company to work in Nordic Life Science!

- We are happy and proud to be a GPTW certified company in Sweden for the second time now, but for us the real value of using the  GPTW  global program is that it helps us to  see many new areas for improvement. It has energized us and now we want to improve, step by step. Next is to certify Denmark followed by Norway and Finland. We want to attract the very best consultants in the industry, and they in return want the most interesting workplace and the best Employer. We love challenges in PharmaRelations, and here we go, toward the Best Place to Work in Nordic Life Science! 

Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations

What is A Great Place to Work and how do you Certify as a GPTW?

Great Place to Work is a global management consultant company based in the US with subsidiaries worldwide. Every year Great Place To Work conducts employee surveys of 11.5 million employees from over 10,000 organizations in 90 countries. The model behind the survey is recognized in research on workplace culture and is based on 30 years of studies on what constitutes a good workplace. 

Many of us have seen the lists of Best companies to Work for in Sweden, in Europe or in the World. Research shows that companies with outstanding work cultures also are top performers in other areas such as growth, profitability and innovation.

Great Place to Work has a mission statement that they want to build a better world by helping companies become a GPTW for all people.

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