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21 March 2022
Growth - PharmaRelations values

Let a Growth Master support your Growth

 In PharmaRelations we like to “walk the talk”. As a “Master in Growth” with 7 Gazelle Awards including a “Master Gazelle Award” and two additional coming end of 2022, we think that we are well placed to support Life Science Nordics with advice and expert solutions when it comes to your growth and your commercial activities across the Nordics.

 25 years ago PharmaRelations started as a specialist provider of consultants within Sales and Marketing. Since then, PharmaRelations has come a long way with specialist services in most Life Science expertise areas. PharmaRelations Commercial activities are well rooted in all Nordic countries with Stockholm and Copenhagen as its two commercial hubs.

 “We have always worked across all Nordics and are constantly updated on what our colleagues are doing elsewhere and who they are in discussion with. We have regular meetings together every week where we go through our latest client contacts and client needs. On top, we work together with many assignments. We have many Nordic frame agreements, working with the same clients in all Nordics. Working together across borders and business units is something we practice every day, it is part of our business model and a key to why we support our clients in a better way“, says Anders Tjerngren, Head of Commercial activities in PharmaRelations.

Commercial resources in high demand - Omnichannel expertise is one

 Over time, the type of commercial expertise in demand has changed somewhat but the request for Market access and Tender & pricing are important activities as before. We also see a higher demand for data-driven analytics in sales and marketing and we are preparing to be a service provider for that.

 Over the years the market has talked about how important it is with Digital and Digital sales service connected to social media expertise and monitoring, but what has been lacking is the combination of these marketing activities.

 To close this gap, PharmaRelations has employed Marie Palacios, highly specialized in work linked to Omnichannel.

 Omnichannel focuses on delivering a holistic customer experience, which in the pharma industry can translate into companies that become partners who support patient care beyond the pill. "We want to listen to our clients and provide them with the right assets to define objectives, generate strategies and find the best way to execute omnichannel campaigns that impact the entire organization" - mentions Marie who recently joined the PharmaRelations team to develop a portfolio of services that include agile marketing teams, Omnichannel strategy development workshops, Data analysis, and Dashboard building, among others.

 “Digital is not a magic bullet that solves all problems for a company. Sometimes a digital channel is the best solution to a well-defined problem if you know what you want to achieve” says Marie, “but you need to know your goals, they need to be specific, and you must be able to measure them, so that you know when you have been successful” she continues.

 Please reach out to Marie if you would like to know more about our new Omnichannel services at PharmaRelations. marie.palacios@pharmarelations.se
 Digital & social media

Copenhagen and Stockholm commercial centers for Life Science Nordics

 “Most of the Nordic Life Science head offices are located to either Stockholm or Copenhagen with commercial agendas often streamlined across the Nordics. With PharmaRelations´ commercial bases in Stockholm and Copenhagen, plus our teams in Oslo and Helsinki, we are very well placed for Nordic assignments. Many companies outside the Nordics use us as we can provide excellent services in all Nordic countries and coordinate activities among ourselves.

 “I also take care of the local Danish market, apart from being a “gateway” to the Nordic market, it is smaller than the local Swedish market, but seeing the same changes that we see elsewhere”, says Jens Knut Maarup, head of Commercial activities in PharmaRelations Denmark. Contact Jens Maarup for Danish or Pan-Nordic commercial activities. jens.maarup@pharmarelations.dk +45 5433 4320
Outsource your Nordic Sales team to PharmaRelations

 You can let us set up your Nordic team, either with consultants or recruiting a new team, give it over to you or we can manage your team! With PharmaRelations you have all the alternatives, outsourcing, consultants, project management, recruitment. You choose! We like long term relationships that maximize value for our clients.

 Call or email Anders Tjerngren for Pan-Nordic services or projects in Commercial. anders.tjerngren@pharmarelations.se +46 70 165 22 79
Need for life cycle support among smaller Life Science companies 

 “A trend that I see in Sweden with its many smaller Life Science companies is that there is a need for a company like PharmaRelations that can follow a company through its life cycle development and support its needs as they change. I work very closely with my colleagues in the Nordic countries, but also closely with my colleagues in other expertise areas. I am presented to needs of commercial support from other business units on a regular basis. It is great to be a specialist in a specific area, but at the same time be fully equipped with expertise that cover the entire needs of all specialisms.

 In PharmaRelations we have some 250 specialists, covering all expertise any Life Science company may need, making it possible to support on a broad base” continues Anders Tjerngren.
Commercial activities in Finland 

 “I work very closely with my Nordic colleagues, and we do get many assignments through Stockholm and Copenhagen, but it also goes the other way. We have clients in Finland that appreciate that we can deliver the same service in other Nordic countries as well. This is the beauty of being “Truly Nordic” and working together.“ says Jukka Polojärvi, Country Manager of PharmaRelations Finland.

 Contact Jukka Polojärvi for Talent Services in Finland. jukka.polojarvi@pharmarelations.fi +358 40 594 8297


Commercial activities in Norway 

 “There is more demand for services in the digital field, social media follow up, business analysis and data driven services within the commercial field than prior to the Corona period, but the need for “classic commercial consultants” is as large as before. Companies that want to transform their commercial activities often call on us for recruitment support, where PharmaRelations are very well placed with our enormous network across the Nordics, including our 14 000 followers on LinkedIn and our Web Job Hub with 10 000 visitors per month” says Sverre Slaastad, Country Head Norway.

 Contact Sverre Slaastad for Talent Services in Norway. sverre.slaastad@pharmarelations.no +47 90952128

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