The Executive Search Process

Determine search priorities

- Corporate description
- Culture & values
- Analyze the organizational challenges and the role
- Presentation of profile & competence priorities
- Management Audit
- Determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required Determine the client priorities (cut-e)

Determine search Strategy

- Conduct targeted research
- Internal CV screening
- External search & advertising
- Telephone interview screening
- Develop a long list of prospects

Contact, attract & evaluate candidates

- Confidentiality Agreement with selected candidates
- Conduct rigorous competency-based interviews
- Personality test
- Short list selection of candidates

Check and present qualified candidates 

Present the most qualified candidates
- Perform Executive Background checks
- Conduct thorough referencing
- Perform in-depth executive capabilities tests

Complete and follow up

- Assist in negotiations over terms and conditions
- Conduct client satisfaction survey
- Follow up with client and candidate
- Supply a 12 months warranty