Synergies make us the best recruiter


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PharmaRelations is unique in providing both recruitment and other Talent services. Over the years we have realized that there are many synergies between services and we have built our service range around that, creating benefits for our clients.

PharmaRelations is doing some 100 recruitments per year within Nordic  Life Science.

”Second Opinion”  as well as parts of the recruitment process are services that we  deliver.

Our recruiters have more than 150 years of combined industry background, each person with vast contact nets and long experience from different positions in the industry. We advise and guide during the process, deploying  all our experience.
We have the largest recruitment team in the industry. 

The combination of our team members´ background, and the way our team work together is one of our distinct strengths. When you contract PharmaRelations, you are in the hands of an entire team, not  one recruiter. All add into the process.

”PharmaRelations guided me all along the process, gave me advice and made me plan interviews at a very early stage. The process was swift, I was constantly updated on the status ”

Our proactive interviewing make us faster than others, it is about starting before we get assignments, and always be on the market. We do 1000 proactive interviews every year.

Most recruiters are generalists, we only focus on one industry, Nordic Life Science. That is why we know the industry so well, individual by individual, we know where to find talent, and we know where talent wants to go next.

”We used PharmaRelations for finding and recruiting an Outsourcing Manager. We ended up recruiting two, due to PharmaRelations’ ability to find talented candidates” Torsten Malmström, Vice President, Technical Operations, Camurus AB

Synergies make us the Best Recruiter

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