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Contract Sales Force

PharmaRelations have set up a number of sales forces with excellent performance over the last decade. The forces have sometimes been led by us, sometimes by the client. The sales force may have had added functions like a sales field assistant or appointment scheduling linked up, particularly in the early stages.

A Sales Force may work for a shorter or longer period, our longest lasting team worked successfully for four years, after which the force was replaced with a smaller team, on the market for another two years. A contract Sales Force may be used during a shorter period to test the interest for a product on the market.

With our presence on all Nordic markets, we are well placed to establish highly specialised Nordic Sales Forces. 

Examples of Services we provide:

- Contract sales force
- Project Management within digital webinars and strategic marketing
- Pricing and Reimbursement
- Sales Training
- Co-rides and evaluation of sales reps

To find out more about our talented solutions within Nordic Life Science for Commercial Services please contact;

Anders Tjerngren, Head of Commercial
Phone: +46 (0)8-165 22 29

Representation Office in Sweden, Scandinavia or Nordics – Start-up services 

We have a range of services for foreign companies that are planning an entry into Scandinavia.

Contact: Fredrik Anjou 
Telephone +46 (0)8-120 122 22