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Outsorcing is another alternative way of acquiring top talent when you need it and keep flexibility in the organization. Using the outsourcing model, you focus on your core business and let us take care of parts that we are better placed to handle.

The  Sharing economy. Sharing resources and the  ”sharing economy” are popular concepts, underpinned by digitalization enabling  easy contacts between users.

PharmaRelations Talent Services are  part of the Sharing Economy, we enable companies to have  flexible access to Top Talent and Specialists when needed. 

MedTech is an import customer group for PharmaRelations. We started out as a service provider to Pharmaceutical companies 20 years ago, over time our target groups have evolved into all areas of the Life Science landscape.

Outsourcing is normally more long term in nature, we normally lead and manage the team, the scope of work and targeted results are agreed beforehand and we are followed up on our ability to deliver according to plan. Outsourcing may be about having access to talent you would normally not be able to afford, but sharing resources with others make it possible.

Outsource all or parts of PV, QA or Regulatory to PharmaRelations

In order to focus on your core activities and have access to specialists in different areas, you may outsource parts or all of your ”Life cycle” regulatory work to PharmaRelations Medical and Scientific team. 

We have the  competence to handle  both pharmaceuticals and Medtech devices. Our professionals take responsibility for the parts you chose to outsource, we work in our offices or in your premises, as best suited. We work in your systems.

Representation Office in Sweden, Scandinavia or Nordics – Start-up services 

We have a range of services for foreign companies that are planning an entry into Scandinavia.

Contact: Fredrik Anjou 
Telephone +46 (0)8-120 122 22

Contract Sales Forces 

PharmaRelations have set up a number of sales forces  with excellent performance over the last decade. The forces have sometimes been led by us, sometimes by the client. The sales force may have had added functions like a sales field assistant  or appointment scheduling linked up, particularly in the early stages.

A Sales Force may work for a shorter or longer period, our longest lasting team worked successfully for four years, after which the force was replaced with a smaller team, on the market for another two years. A contract Sales Force may be used during a shorter period to test the interest for a product on the market.

With our presence on all Nordic markets, we are well placed to establish highly specilized Nordic Sales Forces.

Contact: Anders Tjerngren, Head of Commercial if you want to discuss a Contract Sales Force   
Telephone +46 (0)8-120 122 79

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