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We know that our shared values create enormous energy in PharmaRelations, define us as a team, make it fun to work together, guide us when we take decisions and help us to select the right people.

Growth - life is development, improvement and growths. We grow people and companies. We always look for new business opportunities and we see potential and possibilities in people.

Action - we are doers. We take action and we act fast on facts. Rather act fast with risk to do wrong than not act at all. Not act means loosing potential business and opportunities.

Together - we work in teams, striving together towards the same goal. We trust, support and help each other. We understand that the team is stronger than the individual.

Passion - we have energy and passion. We are committed and self-motivated. We always make the customer understand that we believe in what we do.

Courage - we are bold and we challenge ourselves and the customer to find a better solution. We take responsibility. We dare to make mistakes, to question old behavior and routines.