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11 May 2022


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The Best Consultants – A brand promise from PharmaRelations to our clients

 The main asset of a specialized consulting group is of course the qualities of the consultants.

 “I and my colleagues in PharmaRelations are convinced that we have the best consultants in the Life Science industry and this is a promise that we give to our clients, without blushing, nothing is more important to them than this”, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.

 How do we define the qualities of our consultants? The starting point is obviously to have the necessary expertise and the specialist knowledge that the assignment requires. But it is a starting point only. There are many other factors that matter. A consultant must be a positive and constructive problem solver, a good listener and understand what is needed in a particular assignment. Integrity is an important quality in a consultant as are flexibility, drive and courage. The willingness to act as a change agent in the organization when this is in demand, requires both courage and integrity.

 Finally, the support from the consulting company is of great importance, how much support does the consultant get from the home office, how much contact and follow up is there between the consultant, the client and the company? How well defined and communicated is the expected outcome? 
The Best Place to Work – A brand promise from PharmaRelations to our consultants 

 Attracting the best Life Science consultants, PharmaRelations has to offer something as good in return, and our brand promise to all our employees is to be the Best Place to Work in Life Science as measured by Great Place to Work. We have already achieved very high scores but plan to be the top scorer in the industry. We have worked hard on this for several years and will continue to do so till we reach our target, and not stop at that. 

Welcome to our offices in Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Science Park

 In PharmaRelations we want to work in close cooperation with our clients, preferably in long term partnerships where we fully appreciate the challenges of our clients and are able to ad most value. Closeness and intimacy regarding business solutions do not necessarily require physical closeness, but most things become simpler when easy to meet and discuss. PharmaRelations have offices in all Nordic capital but also in other important Life Science clusters like Lund in Sweden. We have recently opened offices in Gothenburg and will soon open in Uppsala as well. Please visit us in Sahlgrenska Science Park, Medicinaregatan 8A, 413 90 Göteborg. Contact Aina Illiano, +46 70 165 22 83

PharmaRelations Denmark Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021

 Every year PharmaRelations award a person or a team for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. The purpose of the award is to underline the importance of engagement, passion and courage among our team members and to vaccinate PharmaRelations against bureaucracy and lack of initiative. We are growing fast as a company but want to stay close to the values that drive entrepreneurs.

 In a recent ceremony, Kim Raabymagle, country manager for PharmaRelations in Denmark, and the Danish team were awarded for outstanding growth and development during the last years when PharmaRelations Denmark both became a high scoring Great Place to Work and received its first Gazelle Award presented by business paper Borsen and at the same time took large growth steps and increased our service offer to the Danish Life Science industry.

PharmaRelations - Your Full Service Partner across phases and specialist functions

 The Life Science Consulting Group has its full focus on making life easier for our clients in the Nordic Life Science sector.

 “We have some 150 client based consultants working across the Nordics and another 50 consultants office based in our seven life science hubs across the Nordics”, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations. “We are relentlessly working on adding new services demanded by the industry and adding new experts to our competence hub.”

 “We are offering services across the different phases of the product life cycle, reducing complexity, and making it easier to move from one phase to another, seamless. The type of service can vary from consultancy to outsourcing and recruitment as well as combinations of the different types of services. We offer most of the expertise areas that Life Science needs.”

 “Life Science as an industry experiences serious lack of resources at present and we as a Consulting company have an important role to address the scarcity of talented resources and increase accessibility through sharing competence to as many users as possible. During 2021 we supported more than 200 different companies in Nordic Life Science with a variety of Talent Services. Most of them are repeat customers that work together with us on a frequent basis, that is how we how grown as a company. Going forward we hope to develop closer relationships, to deepen our support and increase the value that we add", says Fredrik Anjou.

 Contact Fredrik Anjou, +46 70 165 22 78, if you want to discuss how PharmaRelations can support you as a full service partner.
PharmaRelations AB, Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-169 70 Solna, +46 (0)8 590 745 80

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