Christmas 2019 update from our Village in India – Excellent progress!


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We have just received an update to share with you all as we are nearing the end of our first year in  Vasanthanadai.  The work is going very well, all children in the village now attend school, 25 micro companies have started so far, we expect many more during the second year. The sanitary situation in Vasanthanadai has improved, particularly for the school children. A veterinary has examined all animals and has vaccinated a large number. Many people in the village have attended technical skill training programs, machine sewing, rearing milk producing animals among others.  

We in PharmaRelations are happy and proud that things have developed so well during our first year in Vasanthanadai and look forward to the progress 2020!  Our mission is to grow people and companies, both in the Nordics and in India! We are happy that we can contribute through Hand in Hand to make the world a better place and thank Hand in Hand for a fantastic job!

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