PharmaRelations building the infrastructure Nordic Life Science needs

28 April 2021
Inclusion in talent adquisition for Life Science


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PharmaRelations building the infrastructure for Nordic Life Science

 We continue to add new competence every week to improve our services to the Life Science sector. We have built a high performing and specialized pan Nordic Recruitment service team of some ten dedicated and specialized persons. The latest addition to the team is Erik Wallin, responsible for Medical Engineering recruitment. 

Our Medical Interim services team is growing with more specialists. Since beginning of March we have a new recouse in Skåne, Stefan Lind, with a relevant and long background in Medical Affairs.

 - We want to work closely with our clients, in partnership, and I am very happy to have been able to persuade Stefan to join us, with his extensive contact net in Skåne and Denmark, says Eva Bremberg, Head of Medical Interim Services.

 - We are planning to add more specialists shortly. We are passionate about serving Life Science in the best possible way, says Eva.

 PharmaRelations Regulatory Services teams in Sweden and Denmark are growing fast.

 - We are constantly on the outlook for the specialists we need and we have a plan for service extension that we follow and plan for each of our subsectors to become best in class, says Helena Björkman, heading the Nordic Regulatory Services team.

PharmaRelations – A truly Nordic team working closely with our clients

 Internally we say that we are a truly Nordic team that works closely together over geographic borders and service areas. We are working and organizing ourselves in a way that best benefit our clients.

 Our Centers of Excellence spearhead our service development and competence development, relations and contact nets are largely local. All local offices, country offices or local offices in Sweden alike are supported from the center in Stockholm. We meet digitally and work together daily, wherever we are physically, using the best expertise.

 Synergies are vital, they create value both to clients and for us. The synergies between a highly specialist consultant businesses and the very best recruitment services are easy to see and understand. We see many synergies in how we can serve our clients as we know them better, saving time and efforts for all parties.

 Traditional division of work partly disappears when new competence, as an example, digital competence, is integrated in everything. Commercial and Medical are working closely together to meet the growing needs of the Health care sectors, is yet another example.

 We are a customer driven company and work and develop in tandem with our clients, as close and as efficient as possible.

Consultant – the hottest place to be in Life Science

 PharmaRelations has a clear target to become the Best Place to work in Nordic Life Science.

 - There are so many reasons why working as a consultant is more interesting and rewarding than working in another type of company in the industry. We can offer a much more varied career path, a broader and faster spectrum of experiences and not the least more job security, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of fast growing PharmaRelations.

 There are many myths about working as consultants, dating back to old perceptions. PharmaRelations has interviewed some 350 persons in the industry in the four Nordic countries. In Sweden, some 70 % of the respondents are interested in working as consultants, the number is growing with own consultant experience. In the other Nordic countries, where the use of consultants is less common, the interest is considerably lower, 30%.

 - I see a near future where the hottest and most interesting jobs, attracting the very best people, will be in the consultancy companies, similar to what you see in the IT Industry, says Fredrik Anjou.
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