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PharmaRelations on a mission

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PharmaRelations growing people and companies  

 We are PharmaRelations on a mission to grow people and companies in Life Science with our portfolio of Talent Services. Our passion to grow people and our ambition to become an excellent employer attract the best. We know that strong values and a meaningful mission will keep us together as a team. We see value based leadership as a vital factor for our success and work hard to improve. We support our customers and help them grow and we do the same for our employees.

 100 employees in PharmaRelations are adding value 

 ”A company is improved step by step, our growth is based on repeat customers and as we grow we must constantly become better. Lately we have enrolled all our 100+ employees in a very structured and system supported continous improvement process that will help us enormously. Just imagine what happens when 100 pairs of eyes scrutinize everything we do from different angles. Awsome, I know from experience, I have done this before, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO, PharmaRelations.”

80+ consultants on customer assignments in 4 countries in April 

 "All our Nordic geographies are growing, as are our business units. We grow in a steady pace to meet the demands of our customers, We undertake many pan Nordic assignments , fuelling our growth, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.
 Contact Fredrik Anjou, fredrik.anjou@pharmarelations.se, +46 (0)70 165 22 22 to discuss Nordic agreements and assignments.

PR Norway moves into new offices in Nydalen, Oslo 

 From March 1 our new address is Nydalveien 28, 0484 Oslo. Please come and visit us!
 Contact Kjetil Berg to discuss what PharmaRelations can do for you in Norway, kjetil.berg@pharmarelations.no, +47 950 21 765 

Growing people and companies in Vasanthanadai, India 

 ”We are all so proud to be able to support and finance the Uplift of Vasanthanadai, our village in India with 2300 inhabitants during 2019 – 2020 says Sabina Tärnell, Economy Assistant and Office Manager at PharmaRelations."
 "We will do the same thing in India as we do at home, support the growth of people and grow companies. Children attending school and micro companies being started by village women are the very core of the uplift project. We hope to see the start of some 30-50 micro-companies over the next two years in Vasanthanadai." Read more 

PharmaRelations AB, Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-169 70 Solna, +46 (0)8 590 745 80