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PharmaRelations Experts in Recruitment for Life Science

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PharmaRelations experts in Recruitment for Nordic Life Science 

 PharmaRelations business model is built on being the expert Recruiter for Life Science and on providing the best consultants for the industry.
 "We realized very early that there are large synergies in providing both recruitment services and interim consultants. We are a niche provider and are solely focused on Life Science. We will do some 100 recruitments for clients during 2019 and have a similar number of consultants working constantly on assignments in the Nordic countries. In number of persons, both businesses are quite equal in size," says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.
 "We are constantly  interviewing and we do more than 1000 interviews per year, all within the industry. We meet leaders from around 100 companies in the industry every year, so we do have a clear view on what is happening in the industry and what competences that are in demand."
 "PharmaRelations network is enormous and after more than 20 years in business we are in active contact with around 10 000 persons in the industry. Our team, with some 15 leaders, all have long experience from the industry and large  individual contact nets," says Fredrik.
 "When we meet clients, they can choose to do a traditional recruitment process, or go for a ”Try and Hire” package or have an interim person in place first and start the recruitment in parallel. We are here to support and make life easier for our customers, we are flexible, we simplify, we are well organized and work fast, together in teams."
 "After the job is done, we follow up three months after the candidate has started, we see each  assignment as the start of a new, that is how we have grown over many years. Providing an excellent service, we create repeat business," says Fredrik as final remark.
 See our video ”Synergies make us the best Recruiter”
 Do you want to discuss a recruitment assignment with us? Contact one of our Country Managers for more info.
PR Regulatory Services, some 30 consultants now available for clients´ short or long term needs. 

 PharmaRelations Regulatory Services support you in a flexible way according to your needs. A large number of consultants work in the offices of our clients, another team is based in our Stockholm office.
 "Our Regulatory team is growing by the day, we are adding more and more specialists and are able to design support around each client. We are expanding our services to other Nordic countries and are aiming at becoming a Nordic Regulatory full-service House over time," says Helena Björkman, Head of PR Regulatory Affairs.
 "We are at present working with around 20 different companies. We provide a wide range of different regulatory services to them. Some are short term  and of urgent character, other are based on a long-term business relationship where we will work together over several years, some are subscription based. We like all types, our customers are in the center and we are here to solve their challenges," says Helena.
 Contact Helena if you want to discuss any need of support within Regulatory, short or long term. helena@pharmarelations.se or +46 (8) 120 122 77

PharmaRelations in Denmark moved to new larger premises in Virum, Hummeltoftevej 49 

 "Growing means need of larger premises," says Kim Raabymagle, Country Manager at PharmaRelations in Denmark.
 "The team is growing, we have exciting expansion plans and on May 10 we moved from our previous offices in Kongens Lyngby to new facilities in Virum. We stay in the center of the Life Science community, with our client centric business model, we want to be close to our customers. Please come and see us in Hummeltoftevej 49 for a coffee and a business chat," says Kim.
 Contact Kim, Lise or Steffen! 

PharmaRelations AB, Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-169 70 Solna, +46 (0)8 590 745 80