PharmaRelations Business Transformation concept for Life Science


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PharmaRelations Business Transformation concept for Life Science

Most organizations need to undergo quite fundamental changes at intervals. The need for change is often driven by factors like expiring patents, entry into new therapeutical areas, mergers, new technology or major research discoveries, digital disruption and formulation of new business ideas and targets. In Life Science, such changes inevitably include people and their knowledge, know-how and skills.

PharmaRelations supports you both with the analysis of the needs for transformation and the execution of the transformation of your organization´s skill base. PharmaRelations´ accumulated expertise covers most of the areas of a Life Science company. Our Business Transformation concept includes support with the gap analysis, recruitment of new expertise, provision of expert consultants until you have identified the individuals you will need long term, help to retrain and reskill your existing expertise, we bridge short term gaps, and we support you all along your transformation project. Should your organization have staff members whose expertise is no longer needed, we make sure that their skill base and know-how will come to excellent use elsewhere, in another Life Science company.

PharmaRelations is involved in assignments for some 225 Life Science companies in the Nordics every year and understands the talent needs of most Life Science companies, that is in essence what we do every day and have done for the past 25 years.
Rebecka Grund is heading our Business Transformation Unit and is project leading our Business Transformation projects, but the full strength of a large Nordic organization is at her disposal. Rebecka has worked in Life Science for more than 20 years, in companies like Roche, Meda and Astra Zeneca. During the past years she worked with Transformation, Agility and Change Management in Roche as Transformation Lead.

Please contact Rebecka, email or +46 70 165 22 93

PharmaRelations - The Leading Nordic contract and consulting organization for commercial activities

After some challenging Corona years that have bolstered creativity and innovation, PharmaRelations has emerged as the leading commercial consultancy for Life Science in the Nordics.

“We have grown, we have added new innovative services and we are very firmly based with commercial expertise in all Nordic countries”, says Anders Tjerngren, leading PharmaRelations´ Commercial arm.
“We work closely together across the Nordics, this is part of our strength, we often take on pan-Nordic assignments. We are strong believers in “walking the talk”, the constant growth of our own business is a strong indicator that we can support the growth of our clients. This autumn PharmaRelations will receive two new Gazelle awards for outstanding growth, one in Sweden for the Group and one in Denmark.

My colleagues and I, in Commercial, work hard to find new ways to reach the relevant decision-makers in Health care, using new channels and methods for communication. We may, as an example, support you with a Commercial Gap analysis as a basis for further work.

Contact Anders Tjerngren for commercial advice. 
Email or +46 70 165 22 79.

PharmaRelations – The leading Medical Consulting organization across the Nordics

PharmaRelations is by far the leading Medical Interim organization across the Nordics with some 90 consultants out in the field at the moment across all Nordics, in addition to all colleagues that work as office-based consultants within Medical.

“We work hard to create excellent workplaces in PharmaRelations, and have done so for a long time, a vital factor when the industry experiences serious shortage of competence. We offer our consultants excellent career opportunities, a strong factor for attractivity. We continuously add new expertise and management capacity making it easier than ever to support the Nordic Life Science industry with much-needed competence.

We have established local offices across Sweden, in all Life Science hubs, Lund, Gothenburg and Uppsala, we are close both to our clients and our employees and have a good local reach” says Eva Rämme Bremberg, Nordic Head of Medical Interim Services.

Contact Eva email or +46 70 165 22 76 to discuss Consulting within Regulatory, Quality, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs. 

PharmaRelations Pharmacovigilance team – Top quality expertise

“We are a top team in Pharmacovigilance, I do not think there is a stronger team than us in Sweden nor in the Nordics”, says Ulrika Lundahl, heading the Swedish PV team.

”I have colleagues in Finland and Denmark and we are creating a strong chain of competence across the Nordics to support our clients. “Edge and expertise are what we stand for. My job is to continue to build my team and add new experts in various aspects of PV”.

Contact Ulrika Lundahl if you want to discuss a Pharmacovigilance matter. Email or +46 70 165 22 54.

The importance of people and contact nets – “ PharmaRelations”

“Our company name implies how important people, relationships and contact nets are for our own success and the way we support our clients”, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.

“We have relentlessly built relationships since the start 25 years ago, we have some 16 000 followers on LinkedIn, we have some 3000 industry people interactions every year, clients and candidates, we communicate regularly with many more through different channels, among them, webinars. All our 260 staff members have terrific personal professional contact nets, built over many years, this is one of our strengths that we use to support our clients.

People do business with people and people work with people. There is so much energy created when people work together and solve problems. Being and working together is a great pleasure, seeing PharmaRelations transforming with all new talented and engaged persons that join us is my greatest joy “.

Contact Fredrik Anjou if you want to discuss a business need. Email or +46 70 165 22 22.