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Digital meetings surge, a positive consequence of the Corona virus, opening a new world to Pharmaceuticals´commercial activities


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Digital meetings surge, a positive consequence of the Corona virus, opening a new world to Pharmaceuticals´commercial activities

There is at least one positive effect from the Corona virus. The world, and the Life Science world in particular, has become more digital. It is as if the Corona virus has opened the gates and speeded up the digital transformation, that so many companies have tried to open for years, and there is no turning back. We have all become used to digital meetings and digital channels and understand the advantages. Personal meetings have normally been preferred, but adding the advantages of time efficiency, sustainability and focus, digital meetings are often, in summary, better even when physical meetings are possible.

 “I consider digital meetings a great opportunity. I am convinced that some of the physical meetings with physicians will be replaced with digital in the near future. Not all, but more than ever before. This will bring possibilities and open new doors. Teams, Zoom, Go to Meeting, we have all become used to them. There will be new and improved versions with new features shortly, be sure of that. I am convinced we will see much more webinars in Europe, the trend has been strong in the US for years, now our time is here. I am sure we will see digital conferences, including large scale events like virtual exhibitions. There are so many possibilities and digital has many advantages, compared to IRL-events (In Real Life) and will open up for new ways of conducting conferences, with more participants than ever before” says Anders Tjerngren, Head of PharmaRelations Commercial Services. “We have experts and project managers that are here to support you in your transformational work using digital webinars and meetings in a structured way. We have prepared for turning digital for a long time, now it is happening” Call me if you want to know more, anders.tjerngren@pharmarelations.se, +46(0)70-165 22 79.

Digital marketers, digital conference organizers – PharmaRelations recruit the positions you need

 We all know that the new digital world requires new skill sets and we have prepared for new demands of resources during the Corona stand still. Call Anders Tjerngren or Helena Marteus, Head of PharmaRelations' Recruitment Services Nordics +46 (0)70-165 22 59.
Do you need advisers, do you want to consult experts in specific areas for short periods - PharmaRelations Commercial Services are here to support you in Digital, Market Access & Sales/Marketing

PharmaRelations is building a Commercial Services business to support our clients with many more consultative services and spearhead new development. PharmaRelations started as a provider of interim consultants for longer periods. Our interim business for specialist consultants is still the core of our business but we have added many more consulting services and also the provision of specialists a day per week, or on any type of arrangements that meet the demand of clients. “We are gradually becoming more and more of a consultant services provider, a “ consultancy house for talent” where your needs decide our offer. We want to talk to you and understand what we can do for you, just call us for an open discussion”, says Anders Tjerngren.

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