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Anders Tjerngren – BUM PharmaRelations Medical & Scientific  
Anders Tjerngren will lead PharmaRelations Medical and Scientific division starting from November 1 half time and full speed from January.
 Anders has a background in natural sciences and is a dentist by profession, but joined the pharmaceutical industry at a very early stage in his career. 25 years later he can look back at the experience from seven different companies in the industry, and to many different positions and functions. He started out as a clinical research manager and stayed in that field for some five years, later moving on into product-, sales- and marketing management
 ” Anders is the ideal person for this position and for PharmaRelations” says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations. “I have worked with him and I know how good he is, he has such a wide experience from many different areas, including Medtech, a fantastic network and he will be an asset in developing PharmaRelations services further.”
 ” I think that PharmaRelations has established a very clear client focused organization with our 3 business heads, our country heads and our specialists, as a team we are well placed to support Life Science with innovative and value creating services”
 Please contact Anders Tjerngren
 on e-mail anders.tjerngren@pharmarelations.se or on telephone 08-59074581

The” Passionate Dictator” as a leader in times of great change – the theme for the second inspirational PharmaRelations seminar in a series of three, on October 25, in Wennergren Center 
In times of great change, which most industries undergo at the moment, the leadership style has to be adopted to the situation. Thomas Ahrens, author of many books and a well-known speaker will share his research into leadership styles for change, and growth.” Passion and tremendous clear visions have been the drivers for the success of well-known leaders like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Ingvar Kamprad. Swedish leaders will need to become more passionate in their approach to business and describe their visions clearly in order to guide their companies through change of business models and digitalization” says Thomas Ahrens. If you want to listen to Thomas Ahrens and the concept of the Passionate Dictator, Please contact Victoria Gadde on e-mail victoria.gadde@pharmarelations.se 
The digital new world – with Alexander Bard on September 26 was hugely successful and inspirational

 ” The world is changing, the business models are changing, what we see now is a paradigm shift of the same dignity as when Man learnt to write or print. Digitalization and internet is one of four revolutionary steps in the evolution of mankind. Old structures are rapidly ruined and power bases moved both in society and in companies. The control of structured” Big Data” will be the new stronghold of power” Alexander Bard set the digital transformation into a historic context and emphasized the tremendous change we are all witnessing.
Fredrik Anjou – I am confident PharmaRelations will qualify for a 5th Gazelle nomination 
Fredrik Anjou and the PharmaRelations team challenged themselves to go for a 5th Gazelle qualification during 2017.
 ” It is a clear target and easy to understand. As we move into the last quarter of 2017, I am confident that we will qualify for the number 5 Gazelle nomination, based on our growth during years 2015-2017. Sweden badly needs its Gazelle companies, they create the new jobs for the future. I am proud that PharmaRelations contribute to our future” 
says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.
PharmaRelations AB, Norgegatan 2, SE-164 25 Kista, 46 (0) 8 590 745 80, info@pharmarelations.se