PharmaRelations' Second Village Upliftment Project in India


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PharmaRelations has supported the work of Hand in Hand in India for more than a decade, financing over the years the start of hundreds of microcompanies and creating a better future for more than 2000 individuals.

In 2019 we commited the finacial funds for the uplift of the village of Vasanthanadai in Tamil Nadu, a project that run over 2 years. In 2021, having finalized the uplift of Vasanthanadai, we took on the responsibility for uplifting Kharda Randheer, a rural village in Jodphur with 2000 inhabitants.

The goal is to create 100 new jobs through micro companies, that all children will attend school, increase literacy among women among other things. Read more about the project and the first target setting report here.