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PharmaRelations support Top Executives to innovate in a 
fast-moving world  
PharmaRelations are inviting Top Executives in Life Science to listen to ultra-interesting seminars to innovate and transform their companies in a corporate world that is changing incredibly fast. The innovation seminars will be delivered during the autumn of 2017, in a series with three thought provoking lectures that will change the way you look at things. The seminars are free of charge,” We want to support the Life Science industry in their transformation” says Lena Hofsberger, chairman of PharmaRelations. “It is necessary to look at the world with new glasses in order to survive change”.
 The first seminar on September 27 will be presented by Alexander Bard, the well-known philosopher who claims that corporate giants will fall and digital agile companies take over.” Who would like to work for a slow-moving dinosaur when you can side with an agile gazelle?”
 The following seminar in October will focus on Leadership and on the” Passionate Dictator”, a leadership style that is a far cry from the politically correct large corporation leader. The Passionate Dictator leads with passion, agility, determination and challenges established truths and models.
The last seminar, in November, will describe the incredible success story and the drivers behind Max Burgers, one of Sweden´ s 500 largest companies. Richard Bergfors will tell the story about his family, their determination and courage, challenging academic and corporate wisdom and established beliefs.
 Do you want to know more about the series of Top Executive seminars, and want to have an invitation, please contact Victoria Gadde, e-mail victoria.gadde@pharmarelations.se
PharmaRelations on Track for the 5th Gazelle nomination 
During 2016, we secured our 4th Gazelle nomination, and decided shortly after to go for a 5th nomination. With a little less than half a year behind us, we are pretty confident that we will do it again. We are on track, but nothing is sure until you cross the finish line. We will keep you updated.

70 consultants working on the field across Nordic territories during spring 2017 – A new All Time High for PharmaRelations.

With the best consultants, one of the” secrets” behind our success ( See our movie ”Simply the Best Consultants ” ), we are steadily growing our consultant business in all Nordic geographies and across our sectors.
Our strong company culture is another “secret” to PharmaRelations success  
A young Swedish High school student from Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium recently made a study (Sw”Gymnasiearbete”) of the drivers behind PharmaRelations success. His conclusion is that the strong positive corporate culture with strong values like” Speed & agility”, “Courage”, “Change” have been critically important, together with our customer satisfaction focus and relations with clients and consultants.
The leadership style of our CEO, Fredrik Anjou, who is running the company with focus, clear KPI: s that all understand and a strong belief in everyone´s capacity and will to deliver has been equally important.
 A recent survey among our consultants confirm the importance of a strong and positive company culture, they state that it is important to feel aligned with the values of the company they work in.
Research shows that a strong and positive company culture has large impact on the success of a business, we can only confirm the research, our corporate culture is for sure one of the important drivers for PharmaRelations success.
Do you want to know more about how PharmaRelations corporate culture was developed?
Contact Fredrik Anjou, e-mail fredrik.anjou@pharmarelations.se
PharmaRelations AB, Norgegatan 2, SE-164 25 Kista, 46 (0) 8 590 745 80, info@pharmarelations.se