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An impressive progression of continued growth

Dagens Industri (DI) celebrates the growth of Swedish companies, this is an honor that only 3% of the companies reach. In 2022, PharmaRelations adds the 6th win in Sweden and the 2nd in Denmark

An achievement reached by living our values, and being a true partner of the life science industry in the Nordic.

PharmaRelations won three times in a row back in 2007, 2008, and 2009. The distinction was awarded again to us in 2017 and 2018. For the 20-year jubilee in 2019, DI recognized PharmaRelations among those companies that have received the Gazelle Prize three or more times by naming them “Master Gazelle”.

PharmaRelations Denmark has had impressive growth, living our values, meeting client demands, and creating a competent, and energized team. In early 2021, the Danish business paper, Börsen qualified our Danish affiliate as a Gazelle company for the first time.

Satisfied clients that return and recommend us to others have always been the logic behind PharmaRelations’ growth. Engaged, passionate, and empowered consultants are the backbone of our business. For us, the rapid growth that represents a Gazelle Company is the ultimate evidence of quality.

The Gazelle companies are essential for the economic development of the region, this is why Dagens Industri and Börsen highlight and hail the Gazelle companies, year after year. The new jobs are created by the Gazelle companies, whilst jobs in large corporations tend to become fewer and fewer.