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PharmaRelations 50 Medical consultants across the Nordics

01 October 2020
Consultant Manager in Life Science

Our Pharmacovigilance business unit is growing fast

Ulrika Lundahl, Head of PharmaRelations Pharmacovigilance business unit, is building a highly specialized Pharmacovigilance department with expert consultants. “I only recruit the very best people to our Pharmacovigilance unit. I started with a list of high performers that I wanted to persuade to join me. In November two new colleagues will join our Pharmacovigilance team and I already know who our next pharmacovigilance specialist will be after them. I am cooperating with my colleagues in Denmark and we hope to build up a similar Pharmacovigilance competence there as well. We always think Nordic when we do things”. Looking forward getting in touch with you. Contact Ulrika at +46 (0)70 165 22 54 or on LinkedIn.

PR in Denmark
50 Medical consultants across the Nordics

 PharmaRelations is a truly Nordic company, we want to build similar structures in all Nordic countries. Our business unit managers work closely together across the geographies. With nearly 50 consultants working within the Medical/Regulatory areas either on assignments with clients or as on-demand specialists in our offices across the Nordics we can offer a strong team of experts. Contact Eva +46 (0)70 165 22 76 (LinkedIn), Louise Brinking +45 53769570 (LinkedIn) or Piia Rantala +358 40 756 7664 (LinkedIn)

PharmaRelations Denmark team challenging themselves to become a Danish Gazelle company

 After 5 Gazelle Awards and a Master Gazelle Award 2019 for PharmaRelations Group, our Danish subsidiary is going for a Danish Gazelle award based on their performance during 2018-2020. “We love challenges in PharmaRelations, I am convinced we will qualify for a Gazelle award for Denmark alone” says Kim Raabymagle, Country Head Denmark. Contact Kim +45 51199197 or on LinkedIn for more information.

Everything that can be digital will be digital

 We all feel that there are strong digital winds blowing, creating many new opportunities. PharmaRelations recently conducted our first digital Company day with more than 100 participants from four countries. We had planned for Riga, but ended up in Cyberspace instead. Riga will have to wait another year, but we realized how many new opportunities that Cyberspace offers. It was a fantastic experience, we want more! It is a new feeling of being Together. In PharmaRelations we are in the process of searching for a new “Nordic Head of Digital Transformation” to support our development and service offers in this area.

Super recruiter team for Nordic Life Science

 With Kristina Edholm joining us, phase 1 to build a super recruitment team in Sweden and Denmark is executed. Phase 2, adding more specialist recruiters to our Nordic teams will start up soon. Helena Marteus, Head of Nordic Recruitments says, “We see an increased demand for digital competence in literally all positions, we also see more positions within Manufacturing and in Supply Chain, we have prepared for increased demand of new types of competences and are ready to meet challenging assignments.“ Contact Helena +46 (0)70 165 22 59 (LinkedIn) and Kristina +46 (0)70 257 67 98 (LinkedIn).

Madeleine Lerjestad PharmaRelations Ambassador of the Year 2020

 Madeleine Lerjestad has worked with us in PharmaRelations for five years and she is a wonderful Ambassador for PharmaRelation. "I am very proud that she was the winner of the award "Ambassador of the Year award 2020“, says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations. Here is the motivation: You are a much appreciated colleague who is constantly looking for new opportunities to help PharmaRelations grow. You are active in marketing PharmaRelations on social media by sharing, liking, and commenting on our posts and ads. You are always keen to be part of our activities. You are a loyal employee who will soon celebrate five years with us. You are a true PharmaRelations ambassador! 

PharmaRelations AB, Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-169 70 Solna, +46 (0)8 590 745 80

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