Medical Interim Positions

The PharmaRelations Medical Interim team helps you find medical and clinical candidates with the skills and qualities you need in your organization.

PharmaRelations collaborates with both large and small pharmaceutical companies throughout the Nordic region. There are several advantages of hiring a Consultant from PharmaRelations. Our employees are recruited by our Senior Consultant Managers based on complete competency-based process, motivation to be a Consultant and our Values. 

We have a broad network of senior sub-contractors as well. In addition to that you get support with specific tasks, you might benefit from our consultant’s network, experience from other therapeutic areas and/or companies, new dynamics in your team or just maybe a second opinion/inspiration to develop your strategy or operations. 

During the assignment, we follow-up continuously both with our Consultants and with you as Client to secure performance. You hire for short- or long-term depending on your needs, without need to bother about the employer responsibilities.   

Examples of Consultants you can hire from us:

  • Medical Science Liaison        
  • Medical Advisor                                                      
  • Medical Manager                                                   
  • Medical Director 
  • Medical Writer
  • Medical Coordinator                                          

Charlotte Curman
Consultant Manager Medical Interim Services
+46 70 165 22 62

Customer Reference:

“My experience of PharmaRelations is from hiring a consultant withing the Medical device area. The recruitment was handled in a very fast and professional way and I was very pleased with the outcome. I had regularly discussions with PharmaRelations during the time we hired the consultant and the consultant did such a good job so we decided to recruit this person in the end. I am happy to recommend PharmaRelations for their customer service and professionalism.”