PharmaRelations´Gazelle Challenge 2018 - Gazelle Company for the 5th time!


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In PharmaRelations we love a good challenge and constantly challenge ourselves.

Back in 2007, 2008 and 2009 we qualified and were named ”Gazelle company” for three consecutive years. Not many companies qualify, only 3 % have what it takes to be named once, and very few companies deliver three times. Nearly a decade later, we decided to challenge ourselves and become a Gazelle company again, for the 4th time. We made it !


For us, the Gazelle Challenge is about living our values and walk the talk. We say we are bold and take on challenges, we say that we deliver results. We also say in our communication that we are flexible, agile and fast, all characteristics of a Gazelle company. Becoming a Gazelle Company a 4th time is to give evidence that we really are what we say we are.

Satisifed clients that return and recommend us to others, that have always been the logic for PharmaRelations growth. Engaged, passionate and satisfied consultants have been the backbone of our business. For us, the rapid growth that is the main characteristics of a Gazelle Company is the Ultimate Quality Evidence.
The Gazelle companies are essential for the economic development in the Western world, this is why Dagens Industri and other business papers and magazines highlight and hail the Gazelle companies, year after year. The new jobs are created in the Gazelle companies, whilst jobs in large corporations tend to become fewer and fewer.

” On December 5, 2017, PharmaRelations celebrated our 4th Gazelle achievement in the Stockholm Concert Hall”

True to our corporate culture, we have set a new challenge for ourselves – we want to be a 5th time Gazelle company.

We received our 5th Gazelle Award in October 2018 and will celebrate in Stockholm Concert Hall on December 4, 2018

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