PharmaRelations a Gazelle company

PharmaRelations DiGasell Borsen Gazelle 2023

PharmaRelations´ role as a Gazelle company in society and for our stakeholders

PharmaRelations has an incredible track record as a Gazelle company. So far we have received 8 Gazelle Awards in Sweden for the Group and 3 Gazelle Awards in Denmark for our Danish subsidiary. Not many companies in the Nordics can compete with this track record.

PharmaRelations´ history as a Gazelle company started some 15 years ago and has since been part of our genes, values, and company culture.

“Gazelle company” is an international term used for companies that grow faster than other companies. A Gazelle company has to double its size over three years without acquisitions and at a profit. Normally far less than 1 % of all companies in a country qualify as a Gazelle company,  it is a  small and select number of companies that reach the status of “Gazelle companies”. The wide interest and focus globally on this small group of companies stems from the incredible effect they have on the economy of any country. They are the companies in which new workplaces are created, although Gazelle companies normally are quite small, they create a large part of all new jobs in any economy. This is the reason why they are researched, focused on, and celebrated with awards in so many countries.

“PharmaRelations has been focusing on growth for ourselves, but more importantly for our clients since the start,” says Lena Hofsberger, chairman and main shareholder of PharmaRelations. “Growing Life Science companies and growing people for larger roles has been our mantra and guiding star from the start. Giving advice on growth as we do, you need to show that you walk the talk yourself.”

“Growth is very much about seeing and bringing out the potential in both people and companies and absorbing and welcoming innovation and change. We want to inspire our clients and our employees to grow and develop every day. Being a Gazelle company is all about giving back to society, creating new high caliber jobs and at the same time creating quality workplaces where talented individuals´ full potential is taken care of.”

Growth - PharmaRelations values

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