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11 May 2023 - 8:30 - 12:00 hrs 3.5 h in-person training 
+ 1-hour personalized consultation to be scheduled within 15 days after the course.

Just as we in our daily life transition from one touchpoint to another and expect the experience to be seamless, this can also be said of HCPs’ and patient expectations and behaviors – they are evolving. We believe this is where omnichannel approach and strategy become critical.

This is why we have created a training specifically for the life sciences industry where colleagues from medical and commercial functions can upskill and further develop their capabilities in order to become true omnichannel strategists.

The reality is that the channels and methods we use to communicate a message are not the only keys to creating meaningful interaction. It is just as much about having the right mindset or organizational capabilities. This is where developing your competence in omnichannel strategy will enable you to deliver value across multiple media.

We will not tell you what channel to use. This is a training about what you need to know before choosing a channel. This training will shed new light on the definition of omnichannel, it will recontextualize the patient journey to serve as a guide for any omnichannel strategy.

Target group:    

For experienced and novice decision-makers working with Omnichannel Customer Engagement, management within commercial (sales, digital, marketing) and medical affairs personnel.

Patient journey knowledge is preferred but not mandatory. You will have access to pre-reads regarding the topic.

What you will learn:

During the 3.5-hour in-person training you will learn:

  • How to connect patient journeys to your customer engagement strategies
  • A new way to use and build patient care pathways, where value is aggregated through the full path - The omnichannel patient care pathway. 
  • How to use user stories to define what value looks like for a persona
  • How to build omnichannel customer engagement strategies that create value.

The 1-hour personalized consultation objective is to: Build a plan that works for your organization on how to implement the learnings you obtained during the sessions.

Key concepts: 

Agile, patient journey, strategic omnichannel, data-based decisions, user stories, marketing strategy, ROI


Course set up:

Preparation before the session: You will be provided with pre-read material on two central concepts when creating value to the customer engagement strategies. The pre-read material will be communicated 14 days prior to the on-site training day. Make sure to set aside time for preparation. Estimate two hours, depending on your previous knowledge.

During the session: We are using adynamic approach in our training, where we mix Agile methodology, UX design, and customer engagement theory alongside two practical exercises, and discussions to give you the knowledge and skills to apply your learnings in your organization. You will also receive a booklet including the pre-reads, presentation material and templates.

After the session: Our commercial team will join you digitally or physically to build a plan that works for your organization on how to implement the learnings you obtained during the sessions.


Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Time: 08:30-12.00 hrs + 1 hour OCE ad-hoc consultation

Language: English 

 Location: Frösundaviks Allé 1, Stockholm, Sweden 

The fee includes a booklet with pre-reads and templates, and coffee/refreshments.

Standard fee: 5.000 SEK (exc. VAT)

Early adopter offer*: 2.900 SEK (exc. VAT)

*Condition of the offer: PharmaRelations is a learning organization that is now introducing a new service. That is why we invite you to contribute your insights regarding the training in a dialogue with us directly after the training, over a 45-minute Sandwich-lunch.

Groups of 4 or more people and organizations with frame agreements with PharmaRelations can obtain a special price.


Meet the trainers

Anders Tjerngren has been heading the Commercial department at Pharmarelations for the past 4 years. Previously, he has worked in the life science industry for over 25 years in different marketing, sales, and medical roles in the Nordics. 

Marie Palacios is a SCRUM master and UX designer with more than 10 years of experience in commercial and medical positions for the life science industry in over 10 countries including the Nordic market.


Anna Lundin, Training Manager, anna.lundin@pharmarelations.se +46 70 165 22 92

Regading course content: Marie Palacios, marie.palacios@pharmarelations.se +46 760 37 82 99

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Terms & conditions

Registration is binding and when you have received our confirmation the following conditions are known and accepted.

Registration is irrevocable but not personal. If you are unable to attend, substitution with a colleague from the same company is possible.



A confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail within 5 working days after your registration.



An invoice will be sent to you after your booking has been confirmed. Payment terms are 20 Days.

Participation fee and VAT

All prices and participation fees are per person and excluding VAT.

Cancellation and change of event date from the organizer PharmaRelations

PharmaRelations owns the right to cancel or change the dates of an event. In such a case, you will be refunded the full participation fee. We do not reimburse any other costs you may have had in conjunction with the cancellation.

In-person training outline

Part 1  

Recontextualizing the patient care pathway

Objective: To learn a new way to use and build patient care pathways where value is aggregated through the full path. The omnichannel patient care pathway.

Part 2  

Breaking down the task into small pieces

Objective: To learn how to use user stories to define how value looks like for a persona

Part 3  

Building omnichannel customer engagement strategies that create value.

Objective: To come into the conclusion that one isolated channel is not enough. We explore the importance of defining value before choosing channels, hiring a new person or make any investment.

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Agile is a methodology that forces us to rethink our actions to base our decisions on the creation of value for people, which as result translates into an organization that is considered a partner and not a supplier. The main characteristics of this methodology are linked to the fact that processes are broken down into small increments, gather continuous feedback, are flexible to adapt to changes, and most of all, value-creation is the key driver.    


UX design or User experience design is the process of defining the experience a user has when interacting with a website or digital product. UX design takes us back to a decision-making process driven by research, data, and tests rather than preferences and opinions. It is a way to set up expectations, but also a tool to analyze current assets, look and understand data and make improvements. 

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